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Effects of Consuming Bubble Tea on Health

Bubble tea is one type of beverage that is currently popular among the people of Indonesia. In fact, many people are willing to stand in line and wait long enough to enjoy this drink. Although delicious, is it often good to consume bubble tea for health? Bubble tea is a drink that originated from Taiwan and became popular since the 90s. This drink contains tea that can be added with fruit flavors, syrup, milk, and black bubbles placed at the bottom of the glass. The bubble or boba found in this drink comes from tapioca pearls (a type of traditional food that looks like cendol). This bubble is processed by boiling it and mixing it with brown sugar, forming blackish balls that are sweet, soft, and chewy when chewed. Nutrition for Bubble Tea Bubble tea is a sweet drink that contains a lot of sugar. To this drink is often added syrup, milk, tea flavorings, and toppings, such as jelly and pudding, so the levels of sugar, fat, and calories contained in it tend to be high. In addition,
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Media Provision of breast milk for infants

So far, many mothers think that using a bottle of milk through a pacifier is the only medium for breastfeeding babies. In fact, there are many media for breastfeeding other than breast milk that can increase the chances of success for exclusive breastfeeding. Breast milk is the best food for babies. Breast milk is easily digested by the baby's intestine, and contains complete nutrition and antibodies (immune-forming substances), so as to prevent the baby from various diseases. However, there are times when a mother cannot breastfeed a baby directly, either because of a problem in the breast or because it is not always with the baby. In this condition, breastfeeding mothers can continue to give milk by milking and storing breast milk to be given to the baby later. Dairy milk (breast milk) is most often given through a pacifier bottle. However, the use of a pacifier bottle too often when giving milk can make your child difficult to breastfeed. Therefore, there are several altern

Understanding the Procedure of a Heart Ring Attachment and the Risks

Heart ring or stent is a small tube that plays an important role in overcoming the blockage of blood vessels in the heart. This tool is installed in a blocked blood vessel so that blood flow remains smooth. Installation of heart ring is usually done on patients with coronary heart disease or people who have blocked arteries due to plaque buildup. Generally, the buildup of plaque in blood vessels is caused by cholesterol or other substances attached to the walls of blood vessels. Heart Ring Installation Procedure In making a heart ring, the doctor will initially install a heart catheter. A catheter is inserted into a vein from the groin or arm. After the catheter has entered, a guide cable is then inserted to guide the balloon and ring to the problematic area. The balloon in a deflated state is placed on the outside of the guide cable and in the outer layer will be placed a ring or stent. Once inside, the balloon is expanded, so that the ring also expands. Thus, the arterial cav